Risk Factors and Causes of High Blood Pressure

The actual causes of hypertension in over 85-95% of the people suffering from the condition are unknown. The factors that contribute to the existence of this condition are referred to as primary hypertension or essential hypertension. The remaining percentage is linked with medical conditions which are referred to as secondary hypertension. A review of the history of the family, as well as the medical conditions of the affected person, indicates that these are part of the factors that lead to hypertension. There exist several risk factors associated with this condition as discussed in this article.

Family history as well as various medical conditions such as corticosteroids and various other hormonal contraceptives, hormonal disorders, hyperthyroidism and Cushing’s disease. If the underlying conditions are secondary then these conditions are first managed. Primary hypertension, on the other hand, indicates the factors that are hard to control that they tend to increase high blood pressure. The underlying factors include family history, ethnicity and age.

In family history, there is a high probability of a person being affected by hypertension if the parents are victims of the same case. This shows that the problem can be genetically inherited hence passed from one generation to the next. A family with a history of hypertension whose cause cannot be understood fully identified has siblings who become victims of the same condition later in life. However, if the condition arises from factors like obesity, smoking and taking alcohol that can easily be controlled, the future generations are not at risk of being affected by hypertension as long as they stay healthy and fit

Ethnicity refers to the situation where some people from African heritage, first nations and southern Asia are at a high risk of being affected. Statistics indicate that the due to unknown factors, the people from these regions report higher cases of hypertension than their counterparts from the other parts of the world. The high prevalence of the condition in these parts of the world can be associated with diet, genetics complexity and environmental factors among others. However, the real cause has not yet been established.

Age, on the other hand, refers to a situation where those that are above 55 years are at a greater risk of being victims of the condition. People at this age are mostly said to be less active which means that their body fitness is compromised. They at times suffer from obesity, heart complications, high blood sugar, a compromised immune system and deteriorating body response systems that may be associated with hypertension.


This is said to be one of the major causes of hypertension. Several people who smoke have been said to be victims of the condition at one point of their life unless if they quit and the body recovers. Smoking is associated with atherosclerosis which refers to the narrowing of blood vessels. The heart, on the other hand, does not slow down when the blood vessels decrease in size but continue to pump the blood at the usual rate. Due to the decreased size of the vessels, a lot of pressure is exerted in order to accommodate the blood volume that is being pumped from the heart. This in return leads to high blood pressure. This, however, can be controlled if the person quits smoking. With time, the body will recover hence the blood pressure is normalized.



The risk of suffering from this fatal condition also increases with the increase in the amounts of fats in the body system. It simply means that obese people are at a higher risk of suffering from hypertension than the others. In order to minimize the risk, taking a balanced diet and foods that do not contain a lot of fats leads to a healthier body. As it is known, obesity is at times associated with narrowing of blood vessels that in return means more pressure by the blood pumped from the heart. Doing exercises is one of the ways that one can avoid being obese.


A lot of research is being conducted to establish the main causes of hypertension. More research is also being conducted on the best medical measures to counter the condition and allow the victims to fully recover from it. However, if you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you should not wait until you get a stroke or a heart attack to be rushed to the hospital. It is necessary to consult a medical expert and decide on the best medication. Also, make sure that you avoid things like alcohol, smoking and less exercise to minimize the chances of exacerbating the condition.

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