The 26-practice Ohio State University Central Ohio Practice-Based Research Network (OSU-COPBRN) consists of 7 family medicine clinics of the OSU Primary Care Network, including one shared clinic with general internal medicine, 4 general internal medicine clinics of the OSU Specialty Care Network, 5 Columbus Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. clinics, and 10 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Pediatric Primary Care Centers. These Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric practices include 43 family physicians, 68 pediatricians, 30 general internists, and 12 nurse practitioners and are located throughout Central Ohio and in various Health Professional Shortage Areas.

The OSU-COPBRN was founded in 2001 through collaborative relationships formed through the OSU Primary Care Research Institute and is a member of the AHRQ PBRN registry. The OSU-COPBRN’s mission is to foster, facilitate, and report collaborative, interdisciplinary research directed toward optimizing people’s health, and the populations targeted include minority and underserved populations. A Steering Committee, including representatives from each of the clinical networks, oversees the research activities in the OSU-COPBRN and reviews each request to access the OSU-COPBRN. Collaborating investigators include researchers from each of the clinical networks of the OSU-COPBRN and from the OSU College of Medicine and College of Public Health.

The OSU-COPBRN collaborative of clinical networks serves to maximize the diversity, breadth, and depth of the available primary care study populations in Central Ohio and represents the diverse demographics of the region. The OSU-COPBRN is committed to the performance of high quality practice-based research to add to the primary care knowledge base, enhance delivery of preventive medicine, and positively influence diagnosis and treatment of the health problems of patients, families, and communities.

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