High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Diagnosis

The blood pressure in the body works the same way as the air pressure in a tire. The tube can be inflated and ready to roll when the pressure is full or flat when the pressure is low. In the body, blood pressure revolves around the forcing of the blood against the blood vessels due to the force exerted. This force exerted on the vessels determines the pressure of the blood. When the pressure is too high, this condition is referred to as hypertension or high blood pressure.

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Despite the fact that there is an element of tension in the term hypertension, it does not mean that the disease is largely associated with tension. However, high levels of stress can directly have an impact on the condition. If the systolic pressure readings hike above 140mm Hg or a person indicates a reading which is equal to or above 90mm Hg of diastolic pressure, the person is said to be suffering from hypertension if the readings are not steered by other conditions like diabetes or kidney disease. Many people suffering from this condition are mostly not aware of it unless if they are tested during the normal checkups.


Most of the times, the symptoms of this condition are never manifested. Due to this the condition earned its famous title “silent killer.” It is associated with severe conditions such as heart attack and fatal stroke which may lead to death. During the times when the blood pressure is high, a person may report having nosebleeds, dizziness and headache. However, these symptoms are rare. It is recommended that a person should take two separate tests with a difference of a few minutes. If the test yields result indicating that you have a high blood pressure, then you will be advised to return after a month to assess if you should start the medication. The normal blood pressure is 80-84 mm Hg on the diastolic reader and 120-129 mm Hg on the systolic reader.


There exist several ways in which high blood pressure can be treated. Due to the advancements made in the field of medicine, there are several drugs that have been discovered to control the condition in a very effective way. The drugs do not cure the condition but they function to manage it by lowering the pressure when it hikes above normal. The type of medicine taken depends on if you have other health complications, how your body responds to the given drugs, what is causing hypertension and how high the blood pressure is. Depending on these factors, different people rely on different forms of medication with others having more than one form of medication


They are the initial form of medication that is tried by the doctor. Also known as water pills, they function to help your kidney secret water and salts out of the body system. This leads to fewer fluids in the body hence lowing the pressure. This form of medication exists in form of combinations of hydrochlorothiazide and triamterene, hydrochlorothiazide and spironolactone as well as hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride.

Beta Blockers and Alpha Blockers

Beta-blockers another form of medication that helps to keep your rate of heartbeat low. The pumping of blood through the vessels, in this case, occurs at less pressure. Alpha blockers, on the other hand, inhibit the nervous system from signalling the blood vessels to tighten. Essentially, the vessels remain relaxed hence more room for the flow of the fluid in the body is created hence less pressure.

Ace Inhibitors

They are a form of medication that inhibits the body from producing the hormones involved in the process of tightening blood vessels. The lack of such hormones in the body is associated with less blood pressure Other Forms of Medication

There exist other treatments for high blood pressure such as vasodilators, peripheral adrenergic blockers, central agonists, calcium channel blockers, direct renin inhibitors, ARBs among others. If you are suffering from this condition, you only have to visit your doctor in order to determine the drug that best works for you


Hypertension if uncontrolled can be very dangerous. Going for medication is the best thing that one can do to avoid suffering from sudden stroke or heart attack which may be fatal and can result in death. However, with the drugs, it is not a condition that you can fear. You will be able to live healthily and continue with your usual day to day activities.

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