Natural Ways Ofc Controlling Blood Pressure

If high blood pressure is not managed, its impacts on the individual’s health are fatal. Most people are by now well acquainted with the numerous cases of heart attack and stroke associated with high blood pressure around the world. In a nutshell, the condition is primarily a killer if not managed. When you are diagnosed with this condition, your doctor recommends a certain medication plan. However, there are various natural ways that have been proven to manage hypertension without taking drugs as it is discussed in this article.

Weight Reduction and Observing the Waistline

Research indicates that weight gain and increase in blood pressure are directly proportional. Moreover, having too much weight causes sleep apnea which is associated with a slogged blood pressure. Adopting a lifestyle that contributes to weight reduction hoards you from the gnawing effects of hypertension. Adopting this lifestyle doesn’t have to be abrupt. You can gradually follow the instructions provided and lose small amounts of weight as per the established timetable. This would result in a 1 mm Hg pressure loss in your blood per every 2.2 pounds of weight loss. Observe your waistline regularly since a weight size of 40 inches and above in men 35 inches and above increases the odds of having hypertension.

Regular Exercises

Physical fitness usually estranges one from numerous health issues. With hypertension being one of them, you can receive a blood pressure reduction of up to 8mm Hg by simply exercising for a maximum of 30 minutes every day. However, consistency is advised since the pressure may rise again if you cease to engage in the exercises. If you note that your blood pressure is elevated, physical exercises devise a natural avenue through which you can avoid hypertension. Depressing blood pressure for those who are already suffering from hypertension can be achieved through regular physical exercises. Exercises like dancing, swimming, cycling, jogging and walking among others are said to be biologically healthy, by being physically active, the excess calories that would have otherwise been stored in the body as fats are burnt.

Healthy Diet

A decline of 11 mm Hg of blood pressure can be achieved by taking foods with less cholesterol and saturated fats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Observing and controlling your diet can make you achieve an imperative milestone in the management of hypertension. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension rely on the factor of being an audacious buyer like avoiding foods with a lot of sodium, raising the amount of potassium in your meals and keeping a food diary to track your eating habits. Through this, you can purchase only the healthy meals, scrutinize your eating behaviours and allow potassium to counter high blood pressure by lowering sodium effects.

Avoiding or Reducing Caffeine Intake

Research conducted on the effects of caffeine on blood pressure is still under scrutiny. However, it has been found that caffeine may or may not raise blood pressure in regular consumers. However, those who do not consume it regularly experience heightened blood pressure after taking caffeine. Its long-term effects are still not yet known but the highest probability is a slightly high blood pressure. A rise of between 5-10 mm Hg in the blood pressure of an individual after undergoing a test within 30 minutes of taking caffeine indicates sensitivity to the effects of caffeine in increasing blood pressure. It may be in the individual’s best interests to avoid caffeine if such a case is recorded.

Stress Management


Several factors may lead to chronic stress in someone’s life. In some incidences, high blood pressure has been associated with chronic stress hence raising the need to keep stress under management. However, you cannot manage stress without identifying its root cause. You need to look into your work life, financial factors, illnesses and family factors among other issues that may be the cause of stress. Make sure that you handle the stressing situation in the best way possible to avoid stress and future problems. Moreover, always being grateful to other people, having some personal time to engage in your hobbies and relax, avoiding the triggers of stress and focusing on the issues that you can manage and find solutions to help to reduce stress.


Regular checkups in blood pressure levels and asking for help from family members and friends in solving problems and living and healthy life is very beneficial. However, you need to always stay fit by engaging in physical exercises, observing and managing your diet, reducing weight, managing stress, avoiding caffeine, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake and reducing sodium intake to ensure that you do not become a victim of hypertension as well as keeping it in control if you are already affected.

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